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Does OWKU have Theology classes?


Yep! The School of Religion and Philosophy is one of the largest departments! My degree, Global Studies, is actually a ministry degree (long story) so I end up having to take the ministry and theology classes. Just finished up with my Systematic Theology class for the morning to tell you the truth.

Religious classes are going to be taught with a Wesleyan mindset, though of course, we have ministry students who aren’t Wesleyan. The teachers tend to be very good about discussing what exactly is specifically Wesleyan doctrine and what is general, as well as discussions of other denominations and ideas. If Theology is your thing, this is a great place to find it. Even someone like me, who isn’t actually planning to go into the ministry, is learning quite a bit about all of the doctrine and stuff.

Do all beds in freshman dorms need to be bunked?


Heh, if you’re talking about Wesley Hall, the answer is pretty much yes. Bunked or lofted at least. (Aka you could raise both beds up high and put desks underneath them if you preferred that.) That’s not so much a hard and fast rule or requirement, so much as… there’s just really no way to fit two beds and two desks in a Wesley room without stacking something.

(Yeah, Wesley is kinda really small, but hey! It’s only for one year right? The other dorms are MUCH nicer. I feel like doing your time in Wesley is like the hazing ritual of campus, haha.)

Are dreads and tattoos acceptable at OKWU?


Yep! Nice easy question. The dress code itself isn’t too strict really, at least on stuff like that. I can quote the handbook again if you’ve got more questions. Basically they’re more concerned with how much clothing you’re wearing and as long as you’re covering up all the sensitive stuff, they’re not too picky or demanding in what you use to do so!

Specific styles of dress and grooming are matters of individual taste. However, students at OKWU are
expected to dress modestly and appropriately at all times. In determining what should be worn, you should
consider the following:
1. Modesty
2. Appropriateness to the activity
3. Sensitivity and consideration to others

The OKWU Dress Code has been developed according to the three guidelines listed above. Please keep in
mind that the items listed below are minimum standards. It is our expectation that students will consistently
exceed the following minimums:
1. Skirts and shorts are to be of a modest length, having a minimum of a 3” inseam.
2. Dresses and shirts
a. Dresses should be of modest length
b. Strapless, spaghetti strap, or halter dresses and shirts are not to be worn around campus*
3. Students are required to wear shirts at all times.
4. Leggings and tights should only be worn under appropriate length skirts or dresses.
5. Undergarments including boxers, sports bras, and bra straps should not be seen at any time
6. Attire that advertises, promotes, or refers to tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or nudity is prohibited.=
7. Suggestive, obscene, or violent messages are not to be displayed on clothing.
8. Shoes are to be worn in all school buildings with the exception of the residence halls’

And that’s it! Not to onerous, right?

What are the best ways to pass time at OKWU?


I am… possibly not the best person to ask about that, ha. I tend to be a chronic introvert and I tend to keep to myself mostly. Also, with my class schedule on top of work, I don’t tend to have tons of free time. 

There are campus events put on by the student life department and I sometimes attend those! They’re pretty fun, but I tend to quickly get peopled out, even by only a small group of other people. More often I tend to hang out with friends and watch TV shows or play games in the coffeeshop or things like that!

(But yeah, I am the worst person and will stay on my laptop on my own lie 90% of my time, oops.)

What would you say are the main rules to abide by at OKWU to stay out of any trouble or suspicion?


(Ack, I just realized these were asked to FeatherWriter. I’ll probably delete these later then, heads up. I try to keep this blog pretty clean. If you’ve got further questions, anon, you should maybe ask them over on renarinkholin instead.)

Like I said in the last one, read the handbook. Really, you should be aware of what you’re agreeing to in the conduct here. When you enroll in this school you’re signing a contract, and you’re going to be expected to abide by the agreements that you made. I mentioned the sexual practices which are forbidden on campus in the last ask (pretty much all of them) but some others are going to be the agreement not to drink alcohol while enrolled or to use any of the list of forbidden substances.

Even if you’re of legal age. Even if you’re not currently on campus. If you’re enrolled, you’re agreeing not to do it. 

How are people at OKWU about the lgtb community and or masculine looking females? Is that kinda thing kept secret or questioned?


Ah! I’ve woken up to find a bunch of anonymous quesitons about OKWU (my school) in my ask box. I’ll try to answer these as best as I can, okay? Putting this under a cut for length and sensitive topic stuff.

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Sanderson Music

I am a huge Brandon Sanderson fan, and I listened to some of your produced music themed on his stuff (Specifically Mistborn). I would really appreciate it if you could send me mp3 files, or some sort of audio file, so I might be able to put them on my iPod. If not, it’s cool. Thanks.


*edits out last name just in case* I… don’t actually know how I would do that to tell you the truth. If you really want the audio files I’d reccommend getting XKit for your browser. It’s got an audio download function that’ll let you grab them!

Sydnye Scroungers Reading: Act 2!

Come one, come all! Should be a fun night!

MERGEANDCOPPYYYYYYYY XD XD XD XD <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 this is such a great development wowowowow

Marshall Zhu’s “No Applets” Campaign 2021.

The Sydney Scroungers: Session #33 - Epilogue

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The showdown with Peralta raised more questions than it answered. There’s a new major player in the global game of Kaiju Baiting, and they have resources at their disposal. But the Scroungers’ part, for the meantime, is done, and all that’s left is the debrief.

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